Friday, 25 April 2014

Zoo Party Baby!!!!

Today we are off to the Zoo!!!!! It's Edith's 2nd birthday tomorrow so we are celebrating it animal style! I'm throwing Edith a zoo party at the end of May so I thought why not kick off the festivities with a trip to the zoo!!!!! We hope to have a roaring time!

1. Mibo Paper Animals - The Wild Bunch, £7.00
2. Molly Meg Elephant Animal Mask, £3.95
3. Bruno Munari Zoo Book, £12.50
4. Mazout Giraffe Magnetic Wallpaper, £57.50
5. Yago Partal Zoo Portrait Card. £2.50
6. Anive for the Minors Leopard Sweatshirt, €45.00
7. Mini Rodini Giraffe Playsuit, £40.00
8. Mar Mar Copenhagen Leopard Leggings, £25.00
9. Little Marc Jacobs Giraffe Tee, €30.00
10. Mazout Zebra Wallpaper, £57.50
11. POPUPSHOP Leopard Gym Suit, €53.00
12. Oeuf Giraffe Mask & Tail, €55.00

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