Thursday, 24 April 2014

Edith's Birthday Wish List

Edith turns two on Sunday! It's absolutely crazy how fast she has grown. To think she was premature and so tiny and now a tall little beauty. I am really enjoying her age right now, very challenging at times, as it seems terrible twos start way earlier now, but amazing watching this little person's personality blossom. I have been missing her as a baby lately, which is weird as I prefer toddlers, but I think it's the reality of her getting older and how I'll never get back those precious first months. I understand now what my mom and friends said about enjoying the time with them now because they grow up so fast. All I know is I don't want her to grow up. I want her to stay my little baby forever! Without the tantrums of course!

As we are off on holiday first thing Saturday morning, yep 6:30am flight, we have decided to have her birthday party at the end of May. But this doesn't mean she doesn't have a birthday wish list, ok maybe it's a mama wish list:) Here are some things I am absolutely loving right now! Basically everything from Atsuyo et Akiko!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Edith!

1. Billiebush Tulle Skirt Set
2. Namhee Crown Headband
3. Atsuyo et Akiko Unicorn Pillow
4. Atsuyo et Akiko Heart Tutu
5. Stella McCartney Kids Horse Boots
6. Finger in the Nose Dalton Cat Shirt
7. Anais and I Grey Striped Skirt
8. Aliexpress Cat Skirt with Braces
9. Niddle Noddle Glittering Ozma Cape
10. Mouche Gold Crown with Veil
11. Beau Loves Cat Cap
12. Mouche Gold Star Wand
13. Atsuyo et Akiko Cat Shirt
14. Namhee Hair Clip

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