Saturday, 26 April 2014

I'm Officially on Holiday!!!!

And I'm off to a well deserved holiday!!!! My husband and I really need a break and some quality time together. So for the next two weeks I'm allowing myself a break, a clean break, no blogging!!!! It's healthy to allow yourself some time to reflect and disconnect from the world. I enjoy being online but I've realised I'm way happier when I am engaging with people and really talking, not just making a comment on someone's instagram picture or a Facebook post. I am trying to concentrate on working more with my hands and actually creating things instead of just sitting in front of my computer all the time. After awhile I find it completely soulless and in honestly, super lonely! So with all this said, I'm off to sunny beaches and a good book. I hope to come back refreshed with a sense of peace about what the future holds. 

Til then!!!! Stay sexy mamas!!!!!

kelly xx

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