Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Tunage Tuesday with Kathleen Edwards

There is a lot of great music coming out of Canada these days. I know there has for sometime now, but lately it seems every new band I come across is from Canada. As I'm sitting here in Kassel, Germany for the Holidays, I've had some time to browse through my father-in-law's music collection. My father-in-law knows his classical music, but lately he has been surprising all of us with his selection of current artists. Almost 80 years old and he's introducing me to new music! Kathleen Edwards is one of the artist he introduced me too and I am really into her. Kathleen has been around awhile now with her first album, Failer debuting in 2003 and with her next two albums, Back to Me and Asking For Flowers making the Billboard 200. 

Her lastest album, Voyageur released in 2012 is a mix of her original sound, Country mixed with a bit more folky/bar band, thanks to the influence of Bon Iver's Jason Vernon as he produced her album. 

If you haven't already heard Kathleen Edwards, I encourage you to have a listen. 


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