Saturday, 7 December 2013

DIY Rollable Chalkboard

First off, apologies for not having a post for Chit Chat Friday today. I've been a bit behind on the blog as I was super busy with the Babyccino Kids ShopUp, which was wonderful!!!! But when you get behind it seems to take ages to get caught up. I was hoping to have a post ready for this morning, but I had my annual MRI since my brain haemorrhage.

Here at the Ekardt Casa, we have been in a DIY frenzy! I have always been crafty, I get it from my mom, but I haven't been so crafty with my husband. We decided it was time to start working on projects together. So our first project was to make our own Rollable Chalkboard. I have been eying Wallab's Roll Up chalkboard for ages, I was going to purchase it, but I didn't think it would come in time for Christmas, so we made our own.

I thought I would share with you how we made it.

Tools you need:
Self-Adhesive Blackboard. Ours is from Fancy Fix
Natural Canvas, I ordered ours from ebay
4 Pieces of wood, cut to the length you desire and thickness
6 Screws with bolts
2 Ring Hooks for hanging your chalkboard
String or Rope for hanging
Scissors, Ruler, Pins (for pinning side hem)

And if you want to use it like an advent calendar like I did, then you will need:
24 Small Envelopes
1 Number Stencil
1 Gold Marker

1. First off, cut your canvas to the desired size you would like your chalkboard to be. I  added a few centimetres to each side of my canvas so I could hem the sides lengthwise and and to leave a little spare on the ends. (this is important as your wood will go over the ends of your canvas and chalkboard.

2. Cut your self-advesive chalkboard to your desired size and then slowly stick it to the canvas. It actually sticks really well, I didn't need to add any reinforcement like glue. Smooth the chalkboard out so it looks really nice.

3. Drill three holes into each piece of wood at even intervals. Use a thinner drill-bit for drilling through the front and back piece (repeat three times), matching the diameter of your screws. On the back piece, widen the hole with a thicker drill-bit, matching the size of your bolts. Only widen the hole until roughly half-way through the thickness of the back piece. This allows you to 'bury' the bolt while still holding the back piece in place.

4. Now place the front piece of wood on your chalkboard, make a mark where the holes for the screws should be placed. Take an exacto knife and cut through the chalk board and fabric in the shape of a small cross. This allows the screw to glide through the fabric without any problems. Now line the back piece with the front and screw together. Do this again for the other end of the chalkboard.

5. Once you have your chalkboard all together. Screw in the ring hooks at the top of the chalkboard. Take string or rope and hang your chalkboard!

If you would like to use the chalkboard as an advent calendar like I have done.

Purchase some small envelopes, a number stencil and some gold markers. Stencil the envelopes and voila you can then stick your envelopes to the chalkboard. I just used sticky tack.

Making your own chalkboard is easy and looks really great hanging on your wall!!!

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