Saturday, 18 May 2013

Timo Handmade

With so many amazing brands out there, it's really nice to see new designers caring about their environment and taking it's future in their own hands. Re-using fabrics to make their collections is not just envirnomentally friendly, but also unique and setting an example for other designers out there. Timo Handmade does exactly this, designs a small line of the coolest dolls all from recycled materials. So clever!
I'm absolutely in love with the family dolls. You have to check them out. 
Below is a bit about Timo and how they came about. Information taken from their website.

Timo Handmade started with:
A collection of fabric scraps and knick knacks took shape by itself
A small case of multicolored threads I once inherited
A well-loved shirt, wrong sized, I couldn’t pass on for its magnificent texture
A jar of buttons, no relation to one another whatsoever
A handkerchief with grandpa's initials
An embroidered pillow cover, hole included
A romantic dress once found in a second hand shop abroad...
The desire to sew these together, to make something new, was born of the materials themselves.

TIMO is a small design line, all hand-made.
sewn with an eye for detail and a touch for fabric.
Being hand-made, each and every item is one of a kind.

TIMO is part of the EcoDesign trend, standing up for the right consumption and the right manufacturing, alongside
recycling, minimization of manufacturing waste and simplification of processes.
The objects' design is current and classic, but the methods of manufacture are traditional.
The materials are mostly recycled, or scraps of designers' fabrics.
Scraps of fabric piled up in the studio are used later either as stuffing or as material for other products.
TIMO is a collection, a game and a source of livelihood, all taking place in Timor's own home.

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