Monday, 20 May 2013

Inspirational Monday: A&E Survival Guide

Well it was an interesting weekend at the Ekardts. The Little Miss wasn't particularly on top form this weekend. After loads of moaning and little appetite, I was getting a bit worried. I had noticed a red rash all over her chest and back. I thought it could be a reaction to her MMR Vaccination so I thought best to be sure and dash off to A&E. You realise you are definitely a parent when you experience a trip to A&E. Watching Julius and I experience this was like watching a comedy show, because I promise you it was comical. Have you ever had to try to make a 1 year old pee in a cup? Really???? It's impossible. I have never crawled around on the floor chasing my little one around with a pee cup. At one point Julius and I just busted up laughing because it was just too funny!
So for this week's Inspirational Monday I decided to put together a survival guide for a trip to the A&E.

FJALLRAVEN BACKPACK: You'll definitely need a backpack for all your survival items. I suggest the grey Fjallraven backpack. They are super cool and very practical.

TOMMEE TIPPEE CUP: You'll definitely need your chosen cup because they will ask you to feed your child water little and often. We use Tommee Tippee, which can be purchased at any local Boots and Pharmacy. 

THE NOISY BOOK: This was given to Edith as a gift and it was a great gift indeed. It kept her occupied while trying to make her pee in a cup.

BREADSTICKS: Yes probably seems like a weird thing to put on a survival list, but they works wonders. Eventually you may run out of options for your little on, so bribing them with breadsticks is a perfect solution. And if mum and dad get hungry, then you can eat them too. They can be purchased anywhere really. We get ours at Waitrose. 

JELLYCAT SOFTTOY: For our little one, Olga the Owl is part of the family and must, I repeat must come everywhere with us. So I suggest bringing your little one's soft toy. This makes life a whole lot easier for you.

TIP TOEY JOEY SHOES: I suggest a good pair of shoes for the A&E. The floor is a bit dirty and you don't want your kids socks getting too filthy. I absolutely love Tip Toey Joey. I think their shoes are so great! We just got these hi-tops for Edith recently. I love them!

MAR MAR COPENHAGEN LEOPARD LEGGINGS: Any trousers will do, but I would suggest cutting a hole in the crotch as this will save you loads of time trying to catch pee in a cup. I just love Mar Mar, these leggings are one of my favourites!

ATSUYO ET AKIKO TEE: It was pretty warm in there, so I suggest a short sleeve tee. I love Atsuyo et Akiko from NYC. Their tees are so so comfy! 

So there you have it. A&E survival kit. I'm sure there are loads more to put into it but this is a taster. Now for you parents out there, I highly suggest a nice cold beer after your experience of waiting in the A&E for hours! You'll feel so much better after one!

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  1. These shoes are really amazing, really cute.



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