Monday, 13 May 2013

Inspirational Monday: All About the Boys, No Girls Allowed!!!

I get asked all the time by other mums, where can I get cool boy clothes? I get excited about this question because I know just what they are looking for. Today's Inspirational Monday is all about the boys. For the longest time fashion in general was more focused on the girls than the boys, but not anymore! There is such an amazing selection of boyswear out there. I have put together a style guide of some of the coolest looks for your little lad. I hope you enjoy! And this is just a taster, I could have created so many more outfits. 

Outfit 1: Talc Jacket, Nico Nico Tee, Scotch Shrunk Suspender Trousers, Vans Slip Ons

Outfit 2: Beau Loves Hat, Little Fashion Gallery Sweatshirt, Mini & Maximus Harem Shorts,    Mini Rodini Trainers

Outfit 3: Mini Rodini Hat, Finger in the Nose Tee, Bobo Choses Denims, Golden Goose High Tops

Outfit 4: Nico Nico Hoodie, Gro Tee, Indikidual Harem Trousers, Vega Trainers

Outfit 5: Mayoral Trilby, Soft Gallery Tee, Alittle Pocket Harem Trousers, Brothers Vellies Boots

Outfit 6: Molo Cap, Beau Loves Sweatshirt, Bobo Choses Trousers, New Balance High Tops

Outfit 7: Sons + Daughters Sunnies, Talking Threads Tee, Sunchild Shorts, Vans Trainers

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