Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Star Wrap by Tuppence and Crumble

I'm sure most of you dread putting your little one in their coat or snowsuit when it's freezing outside. I know I've had to deal with the screams, but not anymore!!!! A friend introduced me to the Star Wrap by Tuppence and Crumble and let me tell you, it's amazing! The best invention ever and every mom I bump into asked me about Edith's star wrap! It's truly a no fuss solution! Made out of extremely soft fleece, it's shaped like a star and all you have to do is set your baby in the middle of it and stick their arms and legs in. The suit just wraps and keeps your little one nice and cozy, no buttons, no zips, just a smile as you are putting them in. The star wrap gives you the option of covering the hands or leaving them uncovered and has a hat built in. I promise you it's the best £19.95 I have every spent. 

They also have lovely blankets as well. I ordered Edith the cot blanket and she loves sleeping with it because it's so soft.

A Little Bit about Tuppence and Crumble:

The label evolved from the London Scarf Company Ltd in 2008 as a vehicle for the husband and wife team to fulfill the ideas and designs blossoming from their own domestic bliss!  Their love of colour for babies continues to inspires them and with the essential supporting cast of quality and practicality lead them to only produce things they would buy and use for their own children.
They  feel it is important to use UK producers where commercially viable and to this end all their Fleece and Lambswool range are made in the United Kingdom.

As the label grows it is inevitable that new products will be sourced in countries other  han the UK.  They will, however, be looking only to trade with manufacturers and suppliers who commit to ethical trading standards covering minimum standards relating to employment rights, working conditions and wages. 



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