Thursday, 21 February 2013

Imagine Children's Festival

Today was cold, very cold and what do you do with a little one during half-term on a very cold day? Edith and I decided to venture down to South Bank for the Imagine Children's Festival. I thought it was going to be absolutely chaotic but it was quite lovely. I hadn't planned to see anything in particular. I just wanted Edith to have a good time and that we did. We had the chance to participate in the Big Sing Extravaganza! It was great watching all the kids singing and dancing and really getting into it. Even Edith was mememorised by it all. I had a great time too! Yes it was busy but there was still loads of room for the crawlers not yet walkers to do there thing without getting trampoled on. 
Events like Imagine are why I love London! Giving kids a festival just for them is genius!
The festival is still on til Sunday so I highly recommend checking it out!  


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