Friday, 22 February 2013

CH talents: Depicting Fashion

After attending the Imagine Children's Festival yesterday, Edith strapped to me nice and snug sleeping away, I walked with some other moms along the Thames. But I got side tracked and stopped in to see the CH talents: Depicting Fashion, Swiss Fashion Design Exhibition. I didn't know about this exhibition. It just caught my eye as I was walking by so I decided to stop in. I'm glad I did because there is some real talent emerging from Switzerland. The Embassy of Switzerland in the UK, in collaboration with Dash Magazine put on the exhibition to coincide with London Fashion Week 2013. 

CH Talents: DEPICTING FASHION presents key looks by six emerging Swiss fashion designers in an exhibition curated by Sabina Muller. The siz collections aer all marked by an influence from Switzerland's natural landscapes fused with urban elements resulting from the designers' lives on the move between their home country and European fashion hubs such as Berlin and London. (text from the exhibition pamphlet)
The six designers included in this exhibition:
Studio Winkler (Julia Winkler):
Portenier Roth (Sabine Portenier and Evelyne Roth):
Julian Zigerli:
Studio Laend Phuengkit (Laend Phuengkit):
YVY (Yvonne Reichmuth):
Stefanie Biggel:

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