Friday, 30 November 2012

What I'm An Adult Christmas Gift Guide

There are so many times I sit there and still think there is no way I'm an adult. I don't feel like I'm getting old. But I am and you know what, it's a good thing! So on that note, here is my Christmas Gift Guide for us so-called ADULTS!
Happy Shopping!!!!

1. The Tropper, Nixon Headphones £50.00
2. Berlin Book, Freunde von Freunden €39.90
3. Mind Your Swatch, Swatch £38.00
4. Tribal Shield Necklace, Zoe & Morgan £212.00
5. Peter Jensen Pink Waffle Hat, OTHER/shop £55.00
6.Glow Ring Green, Bex Rox £189.00
7. Struggling Worm Print, Simone Lia £25 Unframed, £38 Framed
8. Simple Baggy Wallet Red, Folk £35.00
9. Personalised Recipe Cards, bbinviations $28.00
10. Various Artists CD, Colette Athletics €21.00
11. Bill Murray Classic Tee, Truly Sanctuary $32.00
12. Bright Star One Zip Wallet, Comme Des Garcons £68.00
13. People Socks, Folk £15.00
14. 9" Vintage Caput Mortuum Clutch, Annie Williams $175.00
15. Unisex Peter Jensen Rabbit Jumper, OTHER/shop £225.00
16. Midnight in Nevada Bracelet, Gypsies + Debutantes $48.00
17. Bart Well Institute Edith By Luke Gottelier and Francis Upritchard, OTHER/shop £15.00
18. Grey Modern Fair Isle Beanie, Urban Outfitters £16.00
19. Mid Century Modern Kaj Franck Enamel Bowl for Arabia, Comod Classics £50.00
20. Bespoke Cupcakes, Local Sugar £8.00

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