Saturday, 1 December 2012

Little Titians

I was just chatting with a friend not so long ago about how she can't find cool boys tights. She was frustrated with the selection available and wasn't going to put her little lad in girls tights. And she didn't want to spend loads of money on not-so-cool tights. I was so excited to tell her about Little Titans. I ordered a pair for my little Edith to check them out for myself. Yes I ordered them for my little lady. But I couldn't resist the grey, yellow and white tights and I just love them! I was so excited when I received them in the post. They come in such a great little  box. The quality is absolutely amazing! They are soft and thick which is great for the winter months. The foot of the tights have super-cosy terry inner and non-slip soles. This is very important for my little one as the Johnny Jumper is our main source of entertainment.  More grip for more jumping! The design is so nice and perfect for those little lads and those not so girly little ladies. Finally amazing tights for boys. What a brilliant idea!
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Carly found stylish cute tights for her little Matilda when she was a little one but when her brother Kit came along Matilda's tights didn't fit the bill. He needed boyish tights that allowed him to be the action hero he was. 

This is how Little Titans was born - tights for boys. 
Promising peace and harmony to families of little sock-taker-offers everywhere, Titans are made of highest quality combed cotton, have branded waistbands just like Dad's pants and will delight their young wearers with vivid designs that feed little imaginations. 

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