Wednesday 28 November 2012

GIRLSTLAKTOBOYS Christmas Kids Gift Guide

So I finally got the girlstalktoboys Christmas Kids Gift Guide done! I am really loving my gift guide. Each item is unique and a great gift to give! Happy Shopping!

1. Coral Pink Leather Shoes by Vibys. $55.00 
2. Edmund the Yeti by Herbert & Friends. $88.00 
3. Mr. Moustache Baby Mobile by jall & tofta €22.00 
4. Mockingbird Featherband by Tutu du Monde £29.00 
5. Whale Music Mobile by Ferm Living €27.00
6. The Love Cat by Alice Mary Lynch range of prices, beautiful handmade dolls
7. Gold Thread Tutu by Atsuyo et Akiko £65.00
8. Hold Me Tight Moustache Pillow buy from Blabla Kids $52.00 
9. Happy Cloud Pillow by Pinknounou €19.00 
10. Panda Hat buy from Blabla Kids $29.00
11. Stripe Grey Tights by Little Titans £14.00
12. Mini Camel Colour Me Cushion by Zid Zid Kids $16.00
13. Nicolau Mouse Softie by Pinknounou €65.00
14. Angel Baby Grow by Bodie and Fou £22.00
15. Zebra Knit Hat by Toto Knits $11.00
16. Organic Long Sleeve Snapsuit by Winter Water Factory $39.00
17. Matryoshka Dolls by Naughts & Crosses $26.00
18. Baby Buck Black Boots by Livie & Luca £29.99
19. Octopus Cushion by Ferm Living €40.50
20. Well obviously I can't count! But I wanted to put this in anyways! Red Legwarmer by 
      Cabbages & Kings $59.00
21. My Name is Simone buy from Smallable €31.70
22. Crocodile Animal Caravan Cushion by Zid Zid Kids $35.00

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