Thursday, 15 November 2012

A Chit Chat with Beau Loves

 Ahh Beau LOves, so adorable in every way! I just love their collection! Edith was wearing the striped playsuit this summer and it was so amazing! And there bibs, I kid you not are the best around. 
I had the chance to meet Faye at Bubble two seasons ago where she walked me through the collection and let me just say I was in LOVE!!!!! And of course, I still am! 
This season's collection called Winter in the City is full of great prints: moutaches, lightning bolts, foxes, harlequin (I am a sucker for a harlequin) and hareem trousers(my favourite)!  
Buy the collection at:

I had a chit chat with Faye not long ago and this is what she had to say:

What is your back ground? How did Beau LOves start..
My Back ground is I studied  Fashion at Central Saint Martin’s then hop skipped and jumped to Paris/Amsterdam and did a Masters in women’s wear at the FIA
I’ve done every job under the sun for every design house I could get into .. then Beau my little boy was born and everything changed..  Children’s wear just seemed like the logical next step after having a year out .. so Beau LOves was born.. and I LOVE it... kids wear is sooo much fun !

What inspired this season collection?
Every collection is inspired by my Boy Beau.. and what he Loves it’s that simple really... he will say something or pick something up and it’s a light bulb moment for me and I start sketching.. the a/w collection is named Winter in the City... its full of Super hero urban foxes in masks and capes and harlequin pants.

Living in London does this inspire your designs?
Yes London inspires me it’s a mad circus of a city which I love. I always miss it if I’m away for too long .. Everything I design for Beau LOves.. is made and manufactured and printed in London .. which really surprises people when I tell them.. it was hard work finding a factory in the capital but now I have its Fab to be using British talent & craftsmanship.

What Music are you listening to at the moment? Does music inspire your collections?
I honestly like it quite if I’m working.. but The Black Keys .. and  Florence and the Machine.. gets me through the pile of ironing on a Sunday

If I could collaborate with anyone who would that be ??
Lili Scratchy... oo I just LOVE LOVE LOVE their illustrations, I would just love to collaborate with them .....  I found them via a Fab Blogger called Emma Nutmeg

Describe your personnel style does this influence your collection ??
A mix up of Vintage ..Cos.. Margiela... and American apparel for tees and Mawi for a statement necklace.. I’m obsessed with black and grey. I design everything in black /grey then add colour ..and can’t resist a harlequin print

Do you have a favourite shop  website cafe that you love to visit or that you gain inspiration from ??
Ooo.. I just LOVE Dover street market.. touring round  oooo and arrring at everything then sitting upstairs in the cafe eating carrot cake is pure inspiration
And  Liberty’s.. I fell in love with the place as soon as I stepped through those dark wooden doors it’s like Narnia or being in somebody’s house where you can buy little designer Gems..  it’s just beautiful !

Favourite designers?
Margiela..  Vivienne Westwood  and Comme des garcons blow me away each season .. always have and I’m sure always will

What’s next for Beau LOves. Any future plans or exciting news ??
I’ve things in the pipe line that I’m excited about which I hope will be ready for next show season
and we are hoping to show at Paris Playtime in January so super excited!

Any advice you can give new moms new designers etc ??
If you truly believe in what you do.. go for it..  running your own business is  full of hard work / late nights but there is nothing better than doing  something you truly love doing ..

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