Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Slugs & Snails

I came across these amazing tights a while back but completely forgot to write about them. I received a newsletter from Burp Boutique this morning about these tights and was like, oh yes I love them! There is so much out there for girls but you find a gap in the market for boys tights. Slugs & Snails knew this and decided to start designing some cool tights to keep the little lads warm and cosy.

Slugs & Snails: the Home of Bright Tights for Bold Boys are all about vibrant colours and individuality. Their tights are as bold and bright as your little boy is. They give him freedom to bend and move, keep his legs snugly warm, and no more sock hunting for you mom!

I have a little lady but to be honest I'll be purchasing a pair for her too! I can't pass up an adorable design made out of organic cotton and anti-slip soles!

Get your pair today!!!!

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