Friday, 7 November 2014

My Contribution to Stylo Magazine

I've been following Stylo Magazine since the beginning and finally emailed them this summer to ask how I could get involved. Stylo Magazine is a sewing magazine dedicated to fashion for kids. It's encouraging mamas out there to start creating amazing clothes for their little ones! So I was ecstatic when they asked if I wanted to contribute to Issue 3. Umm yes!!!!! I got to brainstorming away and  had all these ideas about what I wanted to design, but I knew if I wanted Edith to model I would have to design something she would wear. Back when Edith didn't have an opinion, I could dress her in anything. Note: it was so much fun!!!! But now, this is not the case. Leggings and tees are it! I've tried to trick her, reason with her, bride her to wear a dress or skirt, but this only ends one way; me being the big fat loser. Edith, indeed wins the argument. Fair enough, she's two and a half and wants to be comfortable. But when it comes to me designing her something, I'm most likey not going to design her leggings, (Even though I am working on some:) 

I settled on a jersey tunic and blazer. I thought for sure she would be willing to give it a go. And in the end she did!!!  

Below are the photos I took of Edith in her Jersey Tunic with Black and White Striped Cotton Collar and her Navy Twill Blazer with Aztec Cotton Lining.

There's my name: Kelly Ekardt!!!!

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  1. This is awesome! Such a great opportunity and memory for you and Edith:) your designs and pictures look fantastic!


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