Friday, 30 May 2014

The Zoo Party

Overall, Edith's Zoo Themed party was a success. Everyone had a great time and funny enough, the adults were dressed up more than the kids! Unfortunately, the weather wasn't as successful, but this didn't stop us partying like animals. Luckily our neighbours were kind enough to let us borrow their canopy, this literally saved us. I had set up the party underneath the canopy and was so proud of the set-up. It looked great, but then came along the super strong winds and torrential down pour and there went my set up. Shame really as I didn't get pictures of my creation. But we made due and rearranged as best as possible. To be honest, no one cared, they all had a great time anyways! 

The Party Invite

 Edith's Lion Costume

Butterfly Cake

Best Dressed:

The Kids Making Animal Masks:


I bought the Harlequin plates and cups from Little Lulubel
We had goodies from Freche Freude in the goody bag

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