Thursday, 3 April 2014

Tale of Boy!!!!

I just get so excited when I find out about a new and exciting brand! And I am totally excited about Tale of Boy! Based here in London, Leah creates one of a kind pieces that are reversible, comfortable, affordable and so easy to mix and match!!!! Exclusive to Latte Mama, the collection is made up of limited stock ensuring your little one is wearing a very special piece! I literally jumped out of my seat when I saw the collection, I am so in love!!!!

Check out the amazing collection at Latte Mama!

Tale of Boy is mine.
I am Leah Rose, an Australian fashion designer in London.
I design children’s clothing that is cool, modern and unique for the many little people in the city.
I am against mass production because I love the craft that I do.
I work from home or a studio.
I listen to my music and I create, thats what I do.
My inspiration comes from inside, I close my eyes and I see colour.
Tale of Boy is for the little people. They are the ones that matter. They are cool.
Your child will be wearing a hand crafted garment, not one of many and almost one of a kind, it will have a
brother or a sister but thats it.
My story is simple, I love kids, I love colour and I love making clothes. Thats it.
Love X

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