Saturday, 8 March 2014

Today I'm Loving Kitty and Sparrow

Blankets are a necessity when having a little one. I believe you can't have enough. One for the pram, one for the other pram, one for your bag, one for the living room, one for wherever. They are always in need. And when the little ones get older, they can use the blankets to build a fort, yes the coolest thing to do when you are young. Blankets come in all shapes and sizes, colours and designs, so how do you choose one. Well, for me its mainly about how the blanket feels and what it's made out of. Kitty and Sparrow know what mamas are looking for when it comes to blankets. From Sydney, Australia they design colourful baby blankets made out of 100% organic cotton. They wanted to design a blanket that was colourful and eye catching and of course soft against your babies skin. Well, they've done just that. 
Check out their lovely collection here:

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