Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Mama Wardrobe Wednesday: Bags, Bags, Bags

So I'm totally stealing this Bag Love style board I did for my other project I'm working on with my two best friends, called Midwest Girls Society. Check it out!!!!! We started the blog initially to keep in touch but then realised we have a lot of cool things to talk about and decided to share them with the rest of the world. With all three of us from the Midwest, our goal is to promote women from the Midwest or living in the Midwest doing super cool things. I love this project! I get to work with my closest friends and promote amazing women! So between GIRLSTALKTOBOYS, Midwest Girls Society and looking for a job, yes the time has come, I need to get a real job:( Unfortunately, writing a blog doesn't pay the bills, I hope one day it will, but in the meantime, I have to pay for nursery and trying to survive in an overpriced city called London:) So this means I haven't come up with another cool board for you mamas today. But I love this style board. Bags are a must for us women and I found some cool ones. No, this board is not made up of designer bags, why, because I wanted a bag I could get my hands on. Enjoy!

1. Ecote Manzano Suede Fringe Backpack, $129.00
2. Marketa Psenickova Oversized Fold Leather Clutch, $145.00
3. Topshop Merino Holdall, $60.00
4. Rags to Richmond Clutch, AU$149.95
5. Will Leather Goods Batik Crossbody Bag, $195.00
6. Annie Williams 11" Snap, $300.00
7. Hangabag City Backpack, $74.00
8. Eye of the Sun Cheetah Clutch, $50.00
9. Leizistudios Canvas Backpack, $49.90
10. Moorea Seal Double Chain Crossbody Bag, $114.00
11. Zara Leather Shopper Rucksack, $179.00
12. Rough & Whimsy Metallic Leatherblock Clutch, $45.00

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