Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Bubble London Review

It was a day of new discoveries. I was quite surprised with what I found. I wasn't sure what to expect from Bubble this year as several brands were exhibiting at Playtime. But overall I walked away very excited with what I saw. Now that I'm attending Bubble as Press and not as a buyer I see things in a whole new light. When buying for a shop you have to think about your customer base and what you think will sell that season, but as a blogger, you just go for what you love! Roaming the isles with my eyes glued opened, making sure not to miss anything, I came across some great brands for Autumn/Winter 2014 I'm super excited about!

Raspberry Plum
Hug & Hatch
Young Soles
Of course, Wolf & Rita
and Beau Loves
Cute Graffiti
Love Soap

Trends for AW 2014:

Kinship: Children uncover treasured trunks filled with artefacts from their privileged Eastern European ancestors.

Hush: Young yogis retreat to the mountains in search of the truth in a realm of silence.

Spellbound: Bedtime brings magical adventures with mystical creatures in imaginary lands. 

Jubilation: Young urbanites cover a run-down factory in neon day-goo paint.

Read on to find out more about my favourites from Bubble!

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