Friday, 1 November 2013

Outfit Round-ups and Halloween Outfits

Well I can't believe October is over and now we are into November and this means the Holidays are well on their way. Wow crazy! I thought I would round up our outfits for the month and put them altogether in a nice little collage. I'm usually way better at taking a photo of our outfits daily but my phone is so slow at the moment, it's more like a chore than a pleasure. But I'm working this out, so next month there will be loads of lovely outfits! You can see below Edith's outfits and mama's outfits. 

I just love Halloween. I'm American! That should explain it! This year I decided Edith and I should go as Unicorns. My husband was suppose to participate as well, but he's not into Halloween as much as I am. She first started off wearing the head band I made for her but quickly decided it was not for her, so I had to do a quick job of sewing on her horn and ears to the hood she was wearing. In the end it worked out fine.  I took Edith out trick or treating around our neighbour in Crouch End. People were so lovely, but unfortunately, Edith wasn't having any of it. I'm not surprised, she is a bit young for the whole thing. It mainly was a photo opt for me:)

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