Saturday, 5 October 2013

Lil' Stylers App!!!!

How would you like to have a community like facebook,but just for parents that really love kids fashion? A community that allows you to share your favourite looks with each other and discover new and cool kids brands. Well, guess what this community is now available for you to join! Lil' Stylers has designed an app that allows you to upload your little one's coolest outfits and share them with other fashion crazed parents like yourself! A community of fashionable families, I love it! 

I was contacted by Julia from Lil' Stylers to try the new app out that they were developing. I was honoured and excited about it cause this is totally my kind of app. So find me on Lil' Stylers and lets start swapping fashion tips for our little fashionistas!!!! 

Download the app in iTunes now for free and get to uploading your cool pics!!!!

From Lil' Stylers Blog, gives more info!!!!

Our app is now available on iTunes!

Yesterday was an exciting day for us over at Lil'Stylers. Lil'Stylers is an iPhone App focused on children's fashion. Moms (and dads) can share and discover children's looks, shop for children's clothing and accessories, and follow the latest children's fashion trends. How many times have you heard: "Where did you get this?" Well now, the answer is there in Lil'Stylers! Each picture contains tags with the brand for the clothes kids are wearing. Better yet, you can click these tags and explore the brand's latest collection, browse and jump on their website to buy the corresponding items! With Lil'Stylers, users have the ability to directly shop from your picture.

For brands, it's the ability to connect directly with their target consumer in an organic and authentic way (parents advocate their favorite children's garments and brands through real-life photos). An online venue for emerging and established brands to unveil new collections, showcase new items, further advertising and marketing campaigns, and reach and engage both loyal and untapped consumers. Link user tags and photographs directly to the brand's online store or retail channel. Lil'Stylers contains over 750 brands for tagging, with new ones added every day.

Lil' Stylers 1080p from Lil'Stylers on Vimeo.

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  1. Fantastic write-up! Your little curly angel sure is a Lil' Stylers star!


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