Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Tunage Tuesday with Cat Martino

I was really glad to stumble on this video with Cat Martino and Weathervan Music. Weathervane Music, a new music incubator, a non-profit that creates projects to advance independent music and the community it supports. Weathervane produces Shaking Through, a visionary series that documents the birth of a song by select musicians, 
sharing every part of the process with music fans around the world. I really enjoyed Weathervane's Shaking Through Serious with Cat Martino. Cat Martino from Long Island, New York was singing melodies before she was talking. Teaching herself guitar and piano she started to write music until she became ill with mysterious neuromuscular illness which the doctors had no name for and could not cure that found her incapable of moving her body. Unable to move her limbs, she found she could still use her voice and began layering her voice to create beautiful sounds that brought her comfort during this time of loneliness. Fast forward to 2013, she has just released her newest album, Yr Not Alone. I find Cat completely inspirational and really enjoyed her segment on Shaking Through, quite appropriate for what she was been through and how it made her stronger as a person and as a musician. 

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