Saturday, 17 August 2013

Today I'm in Love with Mes Minis Muses

I am such a sucker for accessories. They complete an outfit. There are many times I stand in front of the mirror and think to myself, hmm something's not right, then the light bulb lights up in my head and I think to myself, accessories, yes I forgot to accessorise and then I'm happy. My outfit is complete! Well, I think about this with Edith as well. I have found it quite hard to find cute shirts with peter pan collars. So I thought well I'll start making some detachable collars so she can wear them with any outfit, which I will but then I came across Mes Minis Muses and let me just tell you, I got so so excited! Finally beautiful accessories for the little ones! Emily's accessories are so beautiful, so chic, so exactly what I've been looking for!

Designer Emily Maarek, a young thirty-year old mom, decided to turn towards children's fashion after 10 years working as an accessory designer for Chanel. Her two daughters Siena and Elle Rose are her muses for Mes Minis Muses, a collection of beautiful designed collars for girls 0 to 10 years. Their collars will add the perfect and finishing touches to any outfit.

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