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Chit Chat Friday with Cissy Wears

Do you ever wonder who's behind those cool shops you buy from? And wish you could get to know them a bit better as you completely admire them? Well, today is the day to get to know Nicola, the owner of the cool boutique, Cissy Wears. For all of you rock n' roll mamas out there, Nicola has got your back with the latest and greatest styles for your little rock n' rollers. She's in the know of the hottest children's wear designers and she'll be sure to have them in her store. So sit yourself down and get to know Cissy Wears a bit better. And when your done here, get yourself over to her shop, either in person or here online!
212a Hither Green Lane, London, SE13 6RT

1. Tell me about yourself, what is your background? Why did you decide to start Cissy     Wears? What inspired you?

I come from a marketing background – I spent the majority of my career working in the music industry looking after artists and bands, doing artwork, photo shoots, videos, advertising, social media.  After the birth of my first child, I found it wasn’t a great industry to be in. I got another job at a big brand but found that entirely frustrating as I had neither the budget nor the autonomy to do anything. I went for another job with a big children’s clothing but they felt I didn’t have enough experience in online retail, so I thought, stuff them, and left my job to start Cissy Wears. It’s going pretty well so far ;)

2. Where did the name Cissy Wears come from?

It came from a little blog and email I used to do out to my friends on a daily basis about what my daughter Cissy was wearing that day.

3. What is Cissy Wears motto? What do you want your customers to know about you?

We say it’s for cool parents and kids that rock!

4. How do you decide on each new collection, do you have any idea of what you are looking before you go to buying appointments? Do your little ones help you with the decision making?

I do go to trade shows and have a look at what’s on offer – but to be honest I rarely find anything new at them. I’ve probably already scouted out new brands from online research, blogs and Instagram and contacted them already. It’s good to see the new collections in the flesh though because it’s so much better than a line sheet. Some things that burst into life when you see them can look so flat in a photo. I know what sells for me and what doesn’t, so I have parameters I work within. Basically, I buy to my own personal taste. If I wouldn’t put my children in it, then I don’t buy it for Cissy Wears. I guess that’s the idea – you’re buying into a concept of “Cissy”.
My children have come along with me to buying appointments but to be honest they tend to get bored very quickly so I try to avoid it! Plus Cissy is having a dresses only phase, which is wholly frustrating also!

5. You specialise in vintage clothing as well? (Which is so amazing! I love vintage!)What do you look for when you are buying vintage pieces?

I used to do vintage when I first opened the store, and had a wonderful collection of 70’s dead stock from a shop that closed down. Unfortunately that dried up and I simply don’t have the time to go out and find more. As the store is so small too there’s not really the room for it anymore either.

6. How would you describe your style? Does this influence how you buy for the shop?

Rock ‘n’ roll mama. It influences me in that I buy a lot of grey and black (which some people struggle to put kids in) and the clothes are quite edgy. I definitely do not do pastels, choo choo trains and cutesy teddy bears. I also have a thing against red. Some people love putting their children in bright primary colours. I don’t want my kids looking like Mr Tumble. I prefer it all to be a lot more subtle and…. Well, cool.  Oh and I LOVE leopard print. There is at least one person in my family wearing leopard print at any one time.

7. Who are your favourite designers?

Isabel Marant, Phillip Lim, McQueen, Vanessa Bruno.  Unfortunately I can never afford to indulge.

8. Who are your favourite childrenswear designers?

Mini Rodini, Bobo Choses, Stella McCartney Kids, MarMar Copenhagen,

9. Are there any up and coming designers you are really excited about?

Noe & Zoe,  Quenotte, Wolf & Rita (formerly Milk & Rock), La Loi

10. If you could collaborate with anyone, who would this be and why?

Luckyboysunday. I am obsessed with their dolls! I’d love to do a Cissy doll with them one day.

11. Do you have a favourite cafĂ©, bookshop, store, that you gain inspiration from?

My favourite store in the world is Liberty. I’d like a job as their children’s buyer please.

12. What is the best advice you have received? What advice can you give to us?

Think of your own ideas. Innovate don’t imitate.

13. What’s next for Cissy Wears? Any exciting plans or news?

Well I’ll only be a year old in September. It’s all happening so fast. But I hope to keep growing at the rate I am and be able to show everybody I did know what I was talking about after all!

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  1. Cissy Wears is one of my fave stores and I love the rebellious indie spirit behind it. Thank you for this interview!


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