Thursday, 29 August 2013

Mrs Eliot Books

I love cards. I use to have loads sitting in my desk just in case I needed a birthday card or a thinking of you card. I get this from my dad, he is the best at sending the greatest cards. Cards that really make you smile. I popped into The Haberdashery for a coffee one morning when I saw Mrs Eliot Books aka Francesca Iannaccone's exhibition hanging around the cafe. I fell in love with it instantly, so much I had to come back a couple times to decide which print I wanted for Edith's room. I finally decided on the "I am a Slightly Wonky Circle" A3 print. It's brilliant! It's at the framers right now getting a nice frame! 

Francesca is a graphic designer and illustrator living in London. She first opened her etsy shop a few years back selling cards and prints. Now she is selling all over the world and has expanded her collection. She first started selling under the name birdie1973 but soon switched her name to Mrs Eliot Books, which comes from the book, The Middle Age of Mrs Eliot by Angus Wilson. She bought this book from a secondhand shop to use in her work. 

Francesca is inspired by bright colour palettes, and uses layering textures to add depth, breaking down the detail into shapes and colour and pattern. She also likes the quirkiness of random words and cut-up conversations. 

Mrs Eliot Books is the perfect addition to anyones home or kids room. I highly reccomend checking out her collection. Makes for the perfect gift too!

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