Saturday, 3 August 2013

Lil" Beans- A Collection of Beautiful Things for Little People

I am always delighted when cool people with cool style decide to open a business, cause this means they are allowing other cool people with cool style a chance to buy cool things. With all that said I am very excited to introduce the newest coolest online shop Lil' Beans. I meant Sam, the owner, last year at a Latte Mama event and have been following her progress ever since. Having just launch in July, Lil' Beans have collaborated with designer Chris Bianchi- Le Gun and Bill Bragg- Le Gun on the coolest limited edition tees with all proceeds going to the National Autistic Society (NAS) I know that Sam would greatly appreciate your contribution to this amazing cause as it hits close to home and you get a cool tee out of it too. 

With AW 13/14 Collections arriving daily you will soon see Lil'Beans web pages filled with amazing brands such as: Beau Loves, Thief and Bandit, Indikidual, NUNUNU, Manimal, Zoe & Noe and much much more. So go on over to Lil' Beans and get your limited edition tee, check out Sam's wonderful blog and check out the brands she will soon be stocking!!!!

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