Monday, 8 July 2013

Inspirational Monday: Swimwear

Yes swimwear has been out for awhile so it's nothing new but to be honest I didn't start thinking about swimsuits for Edith til recently. She stopped her swimming lessons and it's been too cold in London to swim so I just put it off. But now in London it's hot and here in the midwest you swim and that's just the way it is. So with all that said I have swimwear on the mind and it's been fun looking for cool swimsuits. Now your little one can turn heads at the lido with their stunning suits! Happy swimming!!!!

1. Dagmar Daley Striped Navy Swimsuit 2. Circo Frill Swimsuit 3. Zimmerman Floral Two-Piece 4. Wovenplay Striped Suit 5. Trommpo Multi Ice Swimsuit 6. Wild Papillon Swimsuit 7. Wild Seagull Swim Shorts 8. Finger in the Nose Nautical Swim Truck 9. Vilebrrequin Zebra Shorts 10. Indikidual SIMS Swimsuit 11. Boden Beach Ball Shorts


  1. What an amazing selection! All the great brands. You will absolutely love Stella Cove, their prints just make want to have a girl, though their boys' Euro style swim shorts (James Bond swim shorts) are super addictive.

  2. Thank you! Never heard of Stella Cove her designs are amazing!!!! Eye candy!


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