Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Going on a Jet Plane

Traveling with kids is a whole other thing now. I definitely took for granted how easy it was to just take myself with my carry-on and have a pretty stress free journey, well most of the time. But now I have to plan out everything and be prepared for anything, especially on the long haul flight we are about to take to the USA. Yep 10 hours of trying to entertain a 1 year old is no easy task but I've found a few things that seem to keep her attention for a bit. Here is what we are taking on our trip this time round. I would also love to hear about interesting things you take on your journeys!!!! Get in touch!!!!

1. When I Was Born By Martins & Matoso- My little one just adores this book at the moment. Beautiful story and great illustrations!
2. Aquadoodle- My neighbor just recommended this to me. It's a brilliant idea. A water pen that allows you to colour a preprinted picture and when it drys it disappears so you can start again. Long-lasting entertainment on a long flight. 
3. Sassy My Phone Toy- My little one is so into phones at the moment and this is the perfect phone as it makes noise but it's very quite so even on a plane it's the perfect toy!
4. Ladybird Picnic Boxes- Edith got these adorable ladybird snack boxes for her birthday and they are the most practical gift ever! We use them everyday for her snacks and she loves to play with the box too.  
5. Owl Backpack- I just bought this the other day for Edie. She loves owls at the moment! It's great for carrying her snacks on the plane and she can walk around the airport and I can keep track of her. 
6. Mam Water Bottle- I have tried so many water bottles with Edith, but she has found this one to be her favourite. It has a soft tip that's like a bottle teet like her milk bottle but free following and it's colourful and she likes that. It also fits in the side of her owl bag!
7. Bobo Choses Overall- When it comes to traveling you want to look good but also want to be comfy too. This Bobo Choses Overall is the perfect outfit! 
8. Tip Toey Joey Hi Tops- This hi tops are by far my favourite shoe at the moment. They are super comfy and look so cool on. Perfect for traveling!
9. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blanket- I bought this cloud swaddle blanket for Edith before she was even born. I swaddle her in it at the hospital and I am still using it today. It's the perfect blanket for traveling and since it's going to be super hot where we are going it's perfect for those hot nights too!
10. Jellycat Monkey- This monkey is Edith's best friend and he goes everywhere with us. He's the perfect companion, super soft and cuddle and he's a great listener!
11. Urbanears Headphones- When on a plane headphones are a must so why not get some really cool looking ones that are comfy too! Urbanears are just the thing! A bonus  you can plug in another pair of headphones into these so you and your little one can watch the same movie together!
12. Fjallraven Backpack- When traveling you must have a great bag to carry the loads of must haves around all day, so when traveling I prefer the Fjallraven Bag. It's practical, colourful and holds all your necessities. 
13. Babyzen Yoyo- Last but not least, actually the most important of all your traveling needs, the pram! And I have got to say the Babyzen Yoyo is a must! We just love ours. It actually fits in the overhead compartment of the plane! So I can keep Edith in the pram until the very last moment. It makes traveling so much easier!!!!

So happy traveling!!!!

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