Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tunage Tuesday with Neon Indian

I'm very annoyed that I didn't get Inspirational Monday up yesterday but it has been a very busy weekend. Last week I help out with the Junior Style Popupshop at the Rocking Chair Cafe, which went very well, will talk about that later and I had the opportunity to head up a little kids collage workshop for Jake and Maya's Tour at Happy Faces Salon yesterday in Clapham, so unfortunately it will have to wait til next week, but good news is, I have it done and it's nice!

But onwards, no need to focus on what I didn't get done but on what I did and that's bringing you Tunage Tuesday. Today's tune is not new but I forgot about it until I heard it on a movie the other night and I thought to myself, you know what, I like this song, a lot, so I'm going to post it. 

Polish Girl by Neon Indian really just makes you want to move your bootie. It's catchy and has a nice beep, my little one likes it and she has great taste in music.

Neon Indian aka Alan Palomo from Denton, Texas brings memories to the surface of my university days sitting in the summer sun hanging out with friends and thinking life is good. Enjoy!

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