Saturday, 6 April 2013

Treatment for Ted

This is a sad but hopeful post. Sad because one gorgeous little boy, Ted, has had a hard first few months. Hopeful, because he has a strong family that love him more than anything in the world and want to give him the best treatment possible. This hits very close to home for me as I grew up with an Uncle that had Cereral Palsy and I want to help those with CP get the best treatment possible.

This morning I went to a lovely fundraiser at a friend's to raise money to help Ted get the treatment he needs to survive. 

My good friend Sinead's cousin, Emma, gave birth to her beautiful baby boy, Ted, in South London last October.

It was a home birth which went horribly wrong, leaving Ted starved of oxygen for quite some time during the labour, which tragically caused significant damage to his brain. He has since been diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and poor brain growth, and while the extent of this is hard to determine, this is the most severe form of CP and he faces some extremely challenging problems.

Whilst this diagnosis is devastating, he has amazing parents who are determined to do everything they can to give him the best chance in life and to help him to reach his full potential, whatever that may be.

To do this, they plan to do a number of therapies with Ted, including a therapy called Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation (ABR), the Anat Baniel Method, and to pay for him to attend the neurodevelopmental programme at Snowdrop in Devon (for more details on Ted’s story see or Emma’s blog

Needless to say these treatments are expensive and time is of the essence. In order to avoid any delays Emma and her husband Rik are trying to raise funds to help with this. That’s where you guys come in!
If you feel compelled to donate to Ted's treatment, please follow the links above. And please read Emma's blog, she is an inspiration for every mother out there.

Here are some photos from today's coffee fundraiser:

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