Friday, 26 April 2013

First Birthday Gift Ideas

Tomorrow is a very special day at the Ekardt Household. Our darling little Edith turns 1 years old tomorrow! It's crazy how time flies. So many mothers told me, cherish this time because it goes so fast. But you really don't understand until you have a little one. I've been planning a big first birthday party for Edith, Vintage Circus Theme, I'll post the moodboard and photos on Monday! But I've also been trying to come up with a great 1st Birthday Present. At 1 years old, they don't need too much. They already have loads of toys and soft toys, I wanted to get her something memorable that she can keep for a lifetime. I've complied a list of great first birthday gift ideas that are so special and timeless. 
1. Vevian Shoes- Beautifully handmade leather shoes made here in London. They come in a beautifully crafted box that can keep for a lifetime. 

2. Bob Books- Photobooks that can capture all your lovely memories of their first year! Julius and I are making one for Edith too!

3. Alice Mary Lynch Dollmaker- Alice designs gorgeous one of a king dolls. They are handcrafted with the most amazing fabrics and accessories. Perfect for the little one to have hanging on their wall or sitting on a wardrobe.

4. Tiny Toes Treasures- Want to keep your little ones favourite pieces of clothing but not sure what to do with them? Tiny Toes takes your little ones first clothes and can make them into a blanket or a soft toy or whatever you would like. It's a great way to treasure your little ones first outfits!

5. Just For You Stories- Just For You Stories is a story written just for your little one! Fill out a questionnaire and Elestren will create a lovely story just about your little one! She can illustrate it and frame it for you. It's the perfect gift for your little one!

6. Kindred Clothing- Do you have an old shirt or piece of clothing lying around that you've been meaning to get rid of? Instead send it off to Kindred and they will take that garment and make it into a beautiful piece of clothing made just for your little one! There creations are so beautiful and such a keepsake!

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