Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Oh Sweet Marcel!!!!

I use to be a Tabio addict. Yes, it was an addiction I could not seem to tame for some time. I was just so obsessed with socks!!! Couldn't get enough of the beautiful array of socks that stood before me everytime I entered the Tabio store in Covent Garden. But now I have tamed by addiction and can move on to addicting my 9 month old Edith. And I can start by doing this with Sweet Marcel or Wee Marcel for her. 

Designer/Founder, Amy Lawler, likens each pair of socks as 'wearable art'. Amy earned a degree in Fashion Design and worked in outerwear & uniform design before creating Sweet Marcel. She gains inspiration from the things she loves: the outdoors, fabulous thrift store finds, and current trends. Each of these things can be seen in her lovely sock designs. I just love the eye catching designs in all her ranges for: women, men, and the wee ones. Now you have the perfect socks to complete that perfect outfit!

Check out her collection here:

Wee Marcel


For the Women

 For the Men

 New Eco Range

 At Bubble 2013

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