Thursday, 17 January 2013

Molo SS 13!!!!

Molo's Spring/Summer Collection 2013 and it's arriving in boutiques now!
Some of Edith's pieces arrived this week and I am so excited for her to wear them. 

Molo are wild about prints! They believe prints give character to those little personalities! As Noemi Dalby and Christel Russell, two of molo’s designers, say in unison, “A print is something that a child can easily relate to and fall in love with. Often, it’s the T-shirt with the car or the cat that’s the favourite item in a child’s closet.” This is why molo works with a wide range of illustrators and graphic designers - both nationally and internationally. Molo hand-picked seven artists to collaborate this season, they are:

Sarah Beetson, Stina Persson, Toys, Lena Nicolajsen, Dorthe Svarrer, Isabella Solliv and Rack&Nais. So be looking for their signatures on the back of the t-shirts this season! 

Check out their new collection:

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