Monday, 21 January 2013

Inspirational Monday Decluttering

 (picture from A Beautiful Mess)
This week's Inspirational Monday is all about decluttering my life. While relaxing over the snowy weekend I was browsing Refinery 29 and came across this great article title, "Could You Edit Your Wardrobe Down To One rack?" This really caught my attention as editing my wardrobe is a big priority on my very long to-do list. So I read on. Emily Wall, Fashion Blogger, from DC Here Now, did just that. She edited her wardrobe down to just one rack. I was amazed! Reading this was definitely the jump start I needed.

See, I have a bit of an obsession with clothes, shoes, jewellery, hats, scarfs, basically anything clothing related. I'm now finding it so overwhelming and have decided it's time to simplify my life. Before I became a mother I had the time to stand in front of my closest and try on a million different outfits until I found the right one, but now, not a chance. I need a wardrobe that is stylish but easy. I would like all of the items in my wardrobe to represent my style but also all go together. So I have challenged myself to go through everything, I mean EVERYTHING and only keep the things that fit me well and are a valued asset to my wardrobe. Now I'm not saying this is going to be an easy task. It's going to take awhile but I have to start somewhere.

This last Friday I turned 32 years old and I decided that this year is the year to really set a solid ground for myself, to get rid of the things that are of no use to me anymore and to only hold on to those things that can help me lay a solid future for me and my family.

So here I go, decluttering my life, and this was a long time coming!
Any advice you have or articles about editing the wardrobe or life in general, please send my way. 

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