Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Little King's by Sophie Mathilde Koning


Pinterest is such a great way of finding out about new designers, artist, photographers, etc, that's how I found out about Sophie Mathilde Koning. Sophie designs the cutest baby shoes. From the Netherlands, she started designing after she studied Psycology. She designs shoes to make people happy and she gains her inspiration from anything surrounding her. Little King's named after her nickname are unique, 100% handmade baby - children shoes from the Netherlands.
Her shoes are completely made by hand from soft, natural materials, such as lamb or calf leather, but sometimes felt or fabric. Because they are handmade, each pair is unique!
They are the perfect baby shower gift or just for pampering your child. Sophie designs a range of shoes for the little ones: high-top sneakers, low sneaker, boots, and mini ballerinas.
If you are looking for shoes for a special occasion such as baptism, wedding or other big important or nice party, she can make whatever you want.
The shoes are a nice variety for baby socks, but are also ideal to take the first steps into the world.
For more information contact Sofie Mathilde Koning:
Check out her collection at:

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  1. Wow! You posted this message on my birthday! And I also was born on a tuesday! How cool is this?! Thank you so much for this post!


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