Sunday, 25 November 2012

Modéerska Huset

As I was lying in bed this windy Sunday morning, yes, I should have been sleeping, I came across this amazing brand, Modéerska Huset. From Sweden, Jenny Modéer, founded the brand in 2011. Her focus is to create a brand that mixes fashion with playing. Allowing kids to be kids but with amazing hand drawn prints on fashionable/comfy clothing. Jenny takes great pride in making sure her garments are environmental friendly. Her collection is made from 100% organic cotton and is now GOTS-certified.
Browsing her website, I couldn't decide which pieces I loved because I loved it all! The prints are so eye catching!!! 
I wish I found this brand earlier. I looked up and down and all over town for fashionable CROSS OVER BODIES. They are the most brilliant design and they are so easy to put on your baby. I hated putting anything over Edith's head when she was so small. And here they have them. Check them out, they are perfect for your baby and/or a gift for a friend. They will thank you! 
Now I'm dying to get something for the little one. 
For kids 0-6 years.
Check out Modéerska Huset at:

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