Monday, 5 November 2012

Cabbages & Kings

It's that time of year again, the temperature is dropping, the leaves are changing and now it's time to bundle up the little one, which isn't always easy. Or so I'm learning. I want to keep my little one warm but not so warm she can't move. So I've been looking for different ways of keeping Edith warm but stylish. I came across Cabbages & Kings and was so pleased with the eye catching designs and the concept behind the brand.

Cabbages & Kings was founded by Alexandra Gizela in 2010 after giving birth to her first child, Luella. Alexandra was in the same predicament as myself, trying to find warm, durable, yet fashionable clothing for her little one. So she decided to start designing what she couldn't find.

Alexandra had been in the fashion and entertainment industry for over 25 years and double majored in Business Administration and Anthropology. This is where she became fascinated with Andrean culture, specifically weaving and hand-knits. This gave inspiration to Alexandra's debut collection. 

Cabbages & Kings are hand made by Peruvian artisans that live in the Anderan Valley.
Order your beautifully hand made legwarmers today:

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