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I first fell in love with Tannhauser when I touched one of their cashmere sweaters. It was luxury at it's finest. Tannhauser- small luxuries is a very unique, one of a kind luxury brand for your little ones. Each garment is handcrafted with amazing craftmanship and luxury materials such as cashmere and fine leathers. Tannhauser's collection is simplistic with a quirky twist.Tannhauser has been busy this season collaborating with the likes of Noe & Zoe and recently were in Berlin with the littlepopup.
My favourite piece at the moment is their kid size ankle boot clog made of nubuck leather. I want a pair for myself, they are amazing! I think some clogs are in the cards for my little one!
I had a chance to chit chat with Dana from Tannhauser, read below:

1. What is your background? How did tannhauser come about?
My grandfather had a small but very exclusive jewellery business in central Austria. He designed beautiful hand-made paste jewellery and then produced everything in his small manufacture. When I was small I loved running round there, seeing clients come in (some of them celebrities who he did their own collections for), samples being made, products finalised, stock being packed up and sent off...it was amazing.
Once I left school I stupidly decided to not go into the family business, but studied archaeology in Scotland, then worked for TV and radio and finally as a flight attendant. And then I started tannhauser and now feel like i have come round to the family tradition again.

2. What inspired this season's collection?
The current season is inspired by the materials used: super soft hand-woven cashmere combined with tough and sturdy canvas and heavy zippers. Same for the shoes, really: supersoft nubucks in combination with heavy wooden soles and those zippers again. It is totally wearable on an everyday basis and unisex.
For the coming summer I was inspired by Russian expats in the 1920s (the Russian-style prints, the swimwear and again the wooden shoes)...and for the winter next year we have taken our inspiration from polar explorers in the 1800s...

3. Living in Austria, Does this inspire your designs?
Honestly, I do not really feel inspired by any one country. I love Austria and I am sort-of inspired by it's love for traditional craftsmanship, but I am equally inspired by Britain and Scotland with it's tweeds and colours...

4. What music are you listening to at the moment? Does music inspire your collections?
It is pathetic, but I am not really a music person. I am always listening to the same old stuff: Johny Cash and some songs by Patty Smith, a bit of Prince and Peter and the Wolf...not very eclectic, I fear.
Music does not really inspire my collections a lot. I am much more visually inspired, especially by old photographs and old garments. And I am inspired by books: "The Terror" by Dan Simmons made me go into North-Pole Mood

5. You just did a collaboration with Noe & Zoe, any other collaborations in the works?
Absolutely. We are working on three collaborations for the subsequent forthcoming seasons. However, I can not really talk about them yet...all very secret. But basically we have decided that collaborating with adult brands works for us.

6. Describe your personal style, does this influence your collection?
My personal style at the moment is just workwear. But if I get the chance I like menswear or menswear-inspired clothes. I like the way classic men's clothes are cut and made. I love simple, classic and beautiful materials, plus clothes and accessories that last a lifetime.

7. Do you have a favourite shop, webshop, cafe, that you love to visit or gain inspiration from?
This is difficult, as i buy so little at the moment. I love army stores...the last one I went to was near the Pastis Metro Station in Paris and it was amazing...

8. What's next for tannhauser...
Oh god, so much is happening. basically we are about to move into teen-and adult wear and we are working on becoming a proper international brand. Shoes, bags, clothes and everything...but I do not want to say too much yet, as it is all still new..

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