Thursday, 21 June 2012

Niddle Noddle Pop Up Shop

I had the pleasure of popping into Niddle Noddle's Pop-Up Shop in Crouch End yesterday. It's just too adorable! My eyes couldn't decide what to look at as there were way too many lovely things to gaze upon. But my final purchase consisted of a Djeco Kite Mobile for my little girl, Edith. 
 Niddle Noddle is an online children's boutique owned by two Crouch End mothers, Eilida and Katrine. Both grew frustrated with the lack of selection for kidswear in the area and decided to grace the online world with a unique selection of clothing, toys, vintage, and gifts. I am a huge vintage lover and was excited to see the mix of new and old for kids under one roof. 
Niddle Noddle 's Pop-Up Shop is going on til Sunday. So go in and say hello and find something special for your little one. 
9:15am-6pm til this Sunday
142 Crouch Hill
Crouch End
N8 9DX

1 comment:

  1. Hullo, thank you so much for the lovely write up! I'm so pleased the mobile has gone down a treat! Also just to let you know that we have managed to rent to shop for a few more days now so we'll stay open until Wednesday!!!
    Thanks again
    x Katrine


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