Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Piupia- Off to Mexico!

Are you ready for summer sun, longer nights and holiday fun? Piupia's new Spring/Summer Collection takes you Off to Mexico where you can find cactus spikes, dessert rocks and donkey's running around on their 100% organic cotton collection. Designed in Britain and made in Portugal, this collection features bright summer colours and patterns that can be mixed and matched to create a diverse range of outfits! It's a collection you do not want to miss! 

I met Claudia, owner and designer of Piupia back at Bubble several seasons ago and the brand has really become a major contender in the world of children's fashion. Specialising in 100% organic clothing for 0-2 years, you are sure to find a beautiful outfit for your little one!

So Off to Mexico you go with with Piupia!!!!

Check out the adorable collection here: Piupia

1 comment:

  1. Oh, she is so cute and pretty. So lovely and wears a beautiful fashionable white dress . Here is to inform that I have seen many fashionable kids wears like this on kids dress . She is looking so cute and wonderful in this look and outfit. The butterfly on her head is so wonderful.


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