Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Mama Wardrobe Wednesday: Re/Dun

I know I'm not the only one on a mission to find the perfect jean. Why is it so hard????? I recently learnt about Re/Dun a company in Los Angeles that takes vintage Levi's and alters them to become the perfect jean. I have my eye on a pair and can't wait til I can get them! 
Their motto is: DENIM AS UNIQUE AS YOU ARE. I'm sold!

Here's some info on them!
Go get yourself a pair today!

Jeans have always been the uniform of the independent. The hard workers, the rebels, the ones that play rough. The blue collar toilers, the free spirits, the road trippers and troublemakers and the ones that refuse to be contained. Denim has been their canvas, unapologetic living their medium. The sun fading and sand blasting and ripped knees and frayed pockets that brazenly adorn a pair of jeans are as unique as the individuals that inflict these special markings.
RE/DUN was born of the stubborn notion that modern denim should not be devoid of this personality. That jeans deserve to be more than a staple item. That’s the idea that drove us to explore the history of quality American-made denim, that guided us to vintage rag houses, that thrilled us with each pair of preloved, worn in, worn through vintage jeans we discovered.
Each pair of RE/DUN jeans was handpicked and admired for its one-of-a-kind wear patterns, its artfully faded denim, and the history we were able to learn from its labels. They were then mercilessly taken apart at the seams and transported to our local Los Angeles warehouse, where we resewed them into one of two timeless shapes. We’re launching with one body-skimming slim fit of the modern skinny, and one irreverent, perfectly slouchy, borrowed-from-the-boys relaxed fit. Quantities will always be limited since each style is handpicked, hand cut, and distinctly one of a kind.
These jeans have both vintage character and modern fit. With them, you’ll never have to sacrifice personality for shape.

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