Thursday, 9 October 2014

Introducing Tuchinda!!!!

One look at Tuchinda's lookbook and I was in love. Sophisticated, well designed and tailored clothing for children is a dream come true. Tuchinda is so well designed I would be more than happy to wear the collection myself. With influences from Milan, Paris and Tokyo owner and designer Tina Tuchinda combines these influences to create a well- mix collection, a collection that encourages your little ones to mix and match to create their own signature look. 
Intrigued by their aspirations to create a brand that encourages children to be themselves and to inspire to do great things, I look forward to dressing Edith in this brilliant brand!

Read on to find out more about Tuchinda! Interview taken from their website.

What is the inspiration for Tuchinda?
The inspiration for Tuchinda started with the birth of my son, Hunter, and the enjoyment I have dressing him everyday.  Tuchinda embodies the artistic, sophisticated, and inspired approach I have to dressing my son. 
My son motivated me to take a closer look at the childrenswear market and I quickly realized there weren’t enough options for what I loved.  With a background in fashion design, I decided I would make his clothes myself.  By the time Hunter was 6 months old, I was quietly creating clothing for him while he slept at night.  Soon after, I was sewing and designing day and night for Hunter and his friends.

What makes Tuchinda different?
Tuchinda expresses a high level of artistry normally reserved for luxury womenswear and menswear.  I predominantly use European and Japanese fabrics, including organic fabrics whenever possible.  There are a lot of pattern manipulation, sewing technique, details, prints, and colors that are highly sophisticated and not easily found in childrenswear.  I believe children’s clothes should be multicultural wearable art.  Tuchinda also reflects all that I loved from my travels abroad.  I was most influenced by three places, Milan, Paris, and Japan.  In Milan, I was intrigued by the sophisticated way they mixed multiple colors and prints in the same outfit.  In Paris, I became obsessed with the nonchalant chic attitude towards dressing.  In Tokyo, I embraced the “cool” break away from all that is normal seen in their streetwear and their avant-garde designs.  I try to combine all of these elements in my collections.

Who is Tina Tuchinda?
I have always had a love for fashion design that I could never turn away from and after a late career change from public relations and product development I went back to school, Parsons, for fashion design.  Upon graduating, I was intent on working in womenswear but happily found out that I was pregnant and decided to take some time off to raise my son.
As soon as I had my son, I wanted to give him the best of everything whether that be education, nutrition, love, inspirationeven clothes.  I believe you can raise a child to be passionate, creative, worldly, elegant, and have good taste, but it’s important to start as soon as they are born and surround them with it so that it becomes second nature.  My hope is that my son is always creating.   I feel, if you want your child to be a certain way, you must be that yourself.  This is how the TUCHINDA brand was  born.  My mission is to give my child and every other child clothes that are passionate, elegant, inspirational, worldly, and inspire good taste.  Last, I hope that my business will inspire my son and other children to always create and reach for their aspirations no matter who they are or where they come from.

The Meaning Of Tuchinda:
Tuchinda is our last name, but it is also Thai for “a closet of precious stones.”  We believe this is fitting for our brand, since we see each collection as a closet of precious pieces of art.   Like a collection of art, filled with an eclectic mix of exciting colors, images, and feelings, children’s apparel should be just as thrilling.  We hope the Tuchinda brand will always inspire children and adults with new and intriguing combinations.

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