Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Mama Wardrobe Wednesday: Wardrobe Icons

About a year back or so a friend of mine introduced me to a fashion blog called Wearing It Today aka WIT written by the then shopping editor at Red Magazine Laura Fantacci. At first I was pretty much obsessed with her outfits and a bit jealous of her life, Red Magazine, Shopping Editor!, Hello, Amazing!!!! Well, then I soon got over it and went to her site here and there for inspiration. Laura is the queen of basics. She knows where to find the staples you need in your closet. She has since left Red Magazine to work on a new project with her dear friend Petronella Stoftberg called Wardrobe Icons, a website 
dedicated to helping you find the right long-lasting pieces for your wardrobe. It's all about finding those perfect pieces with execellent fit and quality. 

I admire this project as I have been in a wardrobe dilemma for some time now and really want to up my wardrobe game to a whole other level. I want my wardrobe to scream chic!!!!! Not oh my God what am I going to wear today!  

So if your looking to strip down your wardrobe and beatify it then I suggest you take a look at Wardrobe Icons

kelly xx

(pictures taken from Wearing It Today's website)

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