Friday, 1 August 2014

Chit Chat Friday with Noch Mini

I'm pretty confident you're familiar with the New York brand, Noch Mini. Known for their sophisticated designs using only organic material they have designed a new collection that is forward thinking and child friendly. By implementing  organic materials into their collections, they are supporting an ever growing market and keeping mothers like myself worry free. I'm personally a big fan! I had the opportunity to talk to Noch Mini's designer, Jing Jang read on to find out what she had to say!!!!!

kelly xx

1.  Tell me about yourself. What is your background? Why childrenswear? 
I went to Parsons for BFA in fashion and worked in several different women's wear firms including Tommy Hilfiger, Bill Blass, and Ann Taylor.   When I had my daughter, Ollie, I was looking for organic clothing options and could not find pieces I liked for her.  It seemed all organic options were too plain.  As a distant goal, my husband and I had been thinking of creating a lifestyle brand that values not only design but sustainability as well, and thought achildren's organic label was a great way to start working towards that dream.

2.  What is the brands concept? What separates Noch Mini from other brands?
I wanted to offer an entire collection of organic pieces - not just basic items.  There are many beautiful basic organic brands, but not one that offers an entire collection.

3.  What inspired the AW collection?
We were in Paris walking Luxembourg Garden and saw Marc Chagall's exhibition happening nearby.  One of his early paintings "Esquisse pour la vie” (circus-themed) became the inspiration for the AW14 collection. You find these circus influences throughout the collection.

4.  How would you describe your style? Does this influence the collection?
Comic Chic.  I don't want my daughter wearing something I would not wear (for instance - a pink polyester tutu.... but, she
I think about comfort while I am designing the collection and I actually want most of the pieces in my own size.  

5.  If you could collaborate with anyone in the world, who would this be? Why?
It's not a single person but, I’d like to collaborate with accessories or footwear designers who create eco-conscious, sustainable lines.

6.  Do you have a favourite place you go to in NYC to gain inspiration?
We enjoy stopping by any playground in NYC (there are so many) to rest and have Ollie play with friends and strangers together.  Recently, we have been going to Washington Square Park's playground.  I love watching kids play, interact with each other, cry, laugh etc.  That's often my inspiration.   

7.  Do you listen to music when designing? If so, who are you listening to?
I don't listen to music while working. I prefer a quiet room. That's just my habit.  

8.  Best advice someone has given you? 
Don't give up! Keep doing what you believe in with gratitude, honesty and sincerity.   

9.  What advice can you give to us?
Follow your passion!!  

10.  What’s next for Noch Mini? Any exciting news you would like to share with us?
We start designing our own fabric pattern instead of using what is offered (which is very limited for organic). Often times, we face challenge of organic fabrics and yarns not offered any more due to lack of demand. We want to support and collaborate with organic textile industry!  Also, if there is an opportunity, we want to explore having adult line as well.  
And lastly - we have exciting FW14 and SS15 collections coming soon! 

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