Saturday, 14 June 2014

Elskan: Soon to Launch!

I love it when I come across a brand that is just so cute! I came across Elskan via Pinterest and fell in love with beautiful little jumpsuits that sat before me. I went directly to their website and found they launch their Spring Collection 2014 tomorrow!!!! Sunday, 15th June you can buy their adorable collection! Can't wait!

Elskan are looking for cute little ones to represent their brand. For more information check out their instragram!

About Elskan: (from their website)
Elskan is a line of handmade apparel for children, designed and created by Amanda Zink. The garments are fashioned using a mix of new and repurposed fabrics in primarily natural fibres (think cotton, linen and wool) making each piece comfortable and wearable. The Spring/Summer line features hand painted fabrics and locally carved wood buttons, details that make each piece as special and unique as your child. Every item is carefully hand-crafted, made one piece at a time by Amanda in her Canadian home studio. She believes in quality craftsmanship and spending that extra bit of time to make her garments as durable as possible, so that they may be passed down as modern heirloom pieces. 

Amanda was born and raised in Gimli, Manitoba, a small fishing town also known as New Iceland. She first learned to sew and knit from her Amma, and Elskan pays homage to this special woman who holds a huge place in her heart. What does Elskan mean? It is an Icelandic term of endearment: like saying darling, love, or dear.

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