Thursday, 22 May 2014

Make Your Own Picture Magnets

I was in Muswell Hill the other day shopping for things for Edith's birthday party when I came across these cool photo magnets. I thought what a cool little craft to do at home with Edith! She loves magnets at the moment and she loves looking at photos of the family. So I thought this is brilliant, I can make photo magnets of the family and stick them on the fridge!

What you need:

Photo Magnet Sheets (any will do)
Photo paper or pictures

The photo magnet paper is sticky so no glue is require!

It's super simple. 
Print out the photos you would like to use. 
Stick them on the magnet paper
Cut them out!
That's it! Super super easy and a lot of fun! 

They are perfect for a gift or for your fridge at home!

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