Monday, 7 April 2014

Transitional Coats

We are well on our way to Spring. It's a great feeling knowing sunny skies and warm winds will be gracing us more than not. But there are those days or weeks where it becomes a bit more chilly then we hoped for. So how do you dress for days like these? A winter coat is too warm and a spring coat can be too thin. A transitional coat is what you need, a coat that will get you through the chilly days but keep you from sweating on the warmer ones. 

1. Topshop Boutique Crepe Mac, £160.00
2. Mar Mar Copenhagen Juliana Leopard Jacket, £50.00
3. Zara Lose Fit Trench Coat, £99.00
4. ESP No. 1 Denim Anorak, £59.00
5. COS Jacket with Contrast Collar, £49.00
6. Louis Louise Luco Stripe Jacket, €79.00
7. Bobo Choses Crossed Jacket, £74.00
8. Weekday Tuva Coat, £110.00
9. Mini Rodini Biker Jacket, £70.00

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